Wholesale price list update module for BPSC Impuls EVO

We have launched a dedicated module for wholesale updating of price lists for the ERP system – Impuls BPSC.

The principle of the module is as follows:

• The operator imports the indexes with new prices by loading the XLS file to the module,

• The module analyzes defined parameters such as availability, quantity ordered, current price, etc.,

• Based on the algorithms proposed by the contracting authority, the module displays a special report, thanks to which the operator can make manual modification of the new price, before our module performs the final price update in the ERP system,

• Launching the update results in a backup of the updated price lists, and then the module updates the prices in the ERP system,

• The whole process ends with a change report in the form of an XLS file.

Based on the information we obtained from the purchaser, the time that the operator had to spend to updating some price lists was reduced from a few days to a few minutes.