Selected projects

Fence calculator

Designed for the Plast-Met company, this app for Android devices supports fence fitters in their daily work.

It enables them to estimate quickly the cost of fencing and assembly based on selected parameters, such as a component type or a plot size. A function of calculating the length and the surface area of the plot using Google Maps API is very useful here.

Additionally, an intuitive and user-friendly planner allows fitters to choose and confirm the most convenient assembly date for the customer.

Dedicated CRM system

We have created this dedicated customer relationship management system for a company whose rums, gins and cigars are offered in over sixty countries.

CRM consists of a desktop app for Windows and Mac OS and a mobile app for Android and iOS.

A unique challenge for us was to prepare mobile software with a user-friendly database of customers and a functional planner allowing leaders to verify their employees’ activities.

A system for planning, budgeting and performing analyses

For the Dictador company we have created software, which is fully integrated with the ERP system, for planning, budgeting and performing advanced sales and cost analyses.

Here it must be emphasized again that the company operates on the markets of more than sixty countries, which means that our software works well on a really large scale.

An authenticity verification system

In cooperation with the DCD company, responsible for the cryptographic module, we have built a system, which is innovative on a global scale, of verification and
authenticity confirmation of luxury alcohols.

An app, which uses the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, is available for mobile Android and iOS devices.

Its usefulness has been confirmed by statistics. For example, more than seventy percent of China’s brandy are counterfeits of well-known brands!


Emavo online store

For a new online brand we have created a store offering products from various industries, such as: household appliances, telephones, photo and video, computers and games.

We have implemented this online shopping website on the Magento platform and fully integrated it with the customer’s ERP system as well as with Allegro shopping website. The next step will be the integration with the Amazon platform.

An inventory taking application

For the HS Storm company, a computer hardware distributor, we have created an app that facilitates stocktaking operations.

The software, which has been created for mobile Android data collectors, is compatible with the Optima system. In addition to designing standard functionalities related to the stocktaking process, we have enriched the app with a function of the analysis of the slow moving goods in the warehouse.

An app for billing business trips

This product has been designed for salespeople for whom settling up frequent business trips may be tedious and time-consuming. The process is automated here, even for the accounting department with the access to a panel enabling an accountant to verify and generate reports.

Our app allows the user to take a picture of a document or to use a document previously saved in the device. Depending on the cost group specified by the user, the system checks if the daily limit or the limit of documents have been exceeded.

Additionally, the app automatically converts amounts into the selected currency using the rates of the Polish National Bank [NBP].

Warehouse management and service system for Gigabyte

For the Gigabyte Technology service centre, serving Central and Eastern Europe, we have created a dedicated, fully original warehouse IT system. We have connected with it a complaint management system, integrated with the central platform of this Taiwanese computer hardware manufacturer.

A dedicated WMS system with a production module

The dedicated WMS system with a production module is another project carried out for the Dictador company. The implementation covered three continents: Europe, South America and Asia.

The production system allows the user to monitor and supervise processes in real time and in minute detail. It also enables the user to plan, optimize, identify and track all components as well as to have full control over individual production stages and activities performed by each employee. Generating any statistics as well as production and post-production analyses is very easy.

The app works on Windows-based computers and on Android data ollectors.

Promotional app for the brand Futbolsport

The basic function of the application for Android phones is informing customers about special offers and sales. But that’s not all. The most attractive part of the product is the “one-armed bandit” game. Thanks to it, users get a chance to win a special code every day – for a discount of 5 to 25 percent. The code can only be used on a given day.

Brand service Tracer

We have created the company website of one of the largest distributors of accessories of computers in Europe. The service is distinguished by its modern and original design, and its content can be browsed in several languages. The Tracer brand website has been fully integrated into the ERP system of the company. It is operated by means of an intuitive and functional CMS.

Dedicated B2B system for Megabajt compant

It took us five weeks to move from our analysis to the implementation of a dedicated B2B platform and integrate it with Comarch CDN XL system. The project carried out for Megabajt company is a key element of the business model. It provides comprehensive support in serving clients and meeting their needs.
The system has been very positively received by both the customer, operators and users.
Thanks to this, it was possible to fill the market niche.